September 11, 2001, to many people is yet another day that will live in infamy.

There have been many comparisons made & many lives lost on that single day from the United Airlines Flight 93 crash near Shanksville, Pennsylvania to the American Airlines Flight 77 at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA & American Airlines Flight 11 / United Airlines Flight 175 at the World Trade Center in NYC.

Along with the innocent lives that were lost, there were many people who responded to the call of duty that day & some from both groups became known as heros. Please let them be in our hearts & remember them always!
Steven Bates
Nicholas Chifalo
Francis Esposito
Lee Fehling
Lawrence Veling
While there have been many memorials & multiple internet sites done since that day. My intent with this one is to keep it simple and to the point. Provide some links for you to surf.

Honor those lives lost, those still living with the horror and 7 members of Eureka  who along with some others from Western PA responded to the World Trade Center site to assist with the efforts there.

Rich Heuser, Brad James, Tim James, Chad Carter, Shannon McKruit, Chris Wojcik, Len Wolfe.

Below are photos of the crew of FDNY Engine 235 that made the ultimate sacrifice.
The pictures above are from the FDNY Online Memorial Website.
September 11, 2001