2010 Pictures
A special thank you to all contributing photographers. You know who you are.
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Vehicle Crash - Frazer - February 7
Snow storm + state of emergency = National Guard coming to town - Tarentum - February 8
Special Vehicle Rescue Training - Station 169 - Harrison - February 21
Highway Incident - Scene Safety & Traffic Control - Station 281 - March 7
Small Boat Motor Maintenance - Station 281 - March 12
Boy Scout 100th Anniversary - Allegheny-Kiski Valley Heritage Museum - March 27
Structure Fire - Tarentum - April 5
Caught one evening at the 281 house. Tim Cornuet mopping the steps. Folks, the picture may appear to be blurred, but that is only because of the "speed" that Mr. Cornuet put in to performing this task!
Extrication Training - Tarentum - May 25
This is why you don't volunteer for anything!
Looking out the door. Uh, I changed my mind.
I want to stay in the car.
The NEW 281 Engine - Tarentum - June 11
For those who haven't had a chance to see it in person or other places on the internet. Not quite at 100% yet, but just like previous ambulance pictures, here it is...
History of the bell. 1970 LaFrance.
1941 Seagrave. 1928 LaFrance
It's definitely bigger.
It even glows in the dark!
Water Rescue Training - Tarentum - July 20
Tarentum - July 19
Structure Fire - Brackenridge - August 7
Elevator Rescue Class - Tarentum - July 31
Celebrating Everyday Heros - Abundant Joy Fellowship Church - Tarentum - August 14
Welcome to the park
Food and games
Getting ready for the pizza eating contest - sponsored by Steel City Pizza
Our week - September 13
Old ramp out. New ramp?
Where is everyone?
I'll just do it myself!
Braun brought a demo.
It's a little bigger.
Port Authority seminar
Station 281 - September 22
Can we walk on it yet Shake?
Floatin' it.
But Brad pushed me.
Thanks alot Brad!
Structure Fire - Tarentum - September 26
Vehicle Crash - Brackenridge - October 1
Tarentum - October 21
Heard they were getting record rainfall in Southern California. Just to be ready, we tied an inflatable to the event vehicle. The response may take a while.
Getting into the spirit of Halloween, someone put a light bar on the white truck to dress it up as a Chief's ride. Someone else even dressed a scarecrow. Boy is she life like...
Engine Training - October 30
Water Rescue Display - AKHF Open House - October 16
A beautiful fall day in Tarentum - November 12
Some may think of this as taking out the docks. Some may think of this as basic rigging and boat operations. Hmmm...
Now, just some shore based work.
A new crew and throwin' foam - Tarentum - November 14
Look into my eyes.
Let me out!
Hold on Sam.
Damn Wing and his camera. Damn Dave is gonna put us on the website again.
Multiple Structure Fires - Freeport - December 6
Christmas in the Park - Tarentum - December 11
Horse drawn carriage rides. A band, a clown and...                                         SANTA CLAUS - EVERYONE'S FAVORITE!