2015 Pictures
A special thank you to all contributing photographers. You know who you are.
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Motor Vehicle Crash - East Deer - January 2
EMS assist to East Deer for a MVC.
Deputy James got "artistic" with his phone...
Motor Vehicle Crash - East Deer - January 3
Motor Vehicle Crash - Harrison - January 4
Assisting 110, 167, 169 on a MVC.
Structure Fire - Tarentum - January 8
Well, it is January. With these last few weeks of cold weather, we finally have some ice on the Allegheny River and Bull Creek.What better time to begin our "Thin Ice - NO DICE" campaign. Remember folks, as nice as it may look, STAY OFF!
Vehicle into a structure - Tarentum - January 11
"Thin Ice - NO DICE Campaign" - Tarentum - January 10
We made a little ice. I think the thermometer said "0" that morning.
We were close to rehab and medical care.
At the end, there were no injuries and we had par.
Structure Fire - RIT Assignment - New Kensington - January 14
Ember - Tarentum - January 19
Mayor Magnetta dropped off a mailing envelope. Inside was a calendar, on the cover was our very own Ember. When we opened the calendar up, it was from Fame EMS (Mifflin County Station 12).

Ha, Ha. Thanks guys.

Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - January 26
Compressor Maintenance - Tarentum - February 10
Air compressor maintenance. Looking at Lt. Zeigler's face, I'm just not sure what context he's using the word "wrenching".
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - February 11
Motor Vehicle Crash - Harrison - February 11
Gas line rupture - Brackenridge - February 11
Ice - Bull Creek / Allegheny River - Tarentum - March 4
Small ice jam along
Bull Creek
At one point, it looks like Bull Creek had
some substantial thickness.
This last picture, with the discoloration and cracks is a reminder why you shouldn't trust ice over moving water.
Shift level training - Hydraulic tools - Tarentum - March 9
VRSR 3a Accreditation inspection - Tarentum - March 10
Smoke in a structure - Brackenridge - March 15
River Search - Ohiopyle - March 19
Shift level training - Tarentum - March 19
Allegheny River - Tarentum - March 21
The outer piling is missing again.

The ice begins to flow our way. Thankfully, they're small pieces.

The river is up high enough that the rope swing is floating.

So when I took the pictures, the Allegheny was running about 15.5' and 60,000 CFS
Residential Structure Fire - RIT - New Kensington - March 23
Station 281 - ​Tarentum - March 25
This year, EMSOF money was used for ballistic vests.

We have been very fortunate so far and here's to hoping that we will never need to use them.
Station 281 - ​Tarentum - March 28/29 (It was a busy, productive and fun weekend!
We set up a small distribution point for a HESA fundraiser & someone found a bag of chocolate covered pretzels...
Some personnel went to the Highlands Track for a Run as One event, in support of our Veterans and those organizations in the photo.
And even our 149 contingent showed that no matter what color the apparatus is, they're still tightly bonded. 
Physical rescue - Indiana Township - March 30
Dispatched to assist with a physical rescue along the PA Turnpike. This is a screen shot of video taken from Sky 4 of 281 Rescue and 281 Squad arriving on scene.
Wish all a happy Easter - Tarentum - April 5
Ember got her
Easter eggs.
It's all fun and games until someone puts a plastic egg on your head.
Being a good sport, she still participated in the shift level technical rescue training.
PA DOH Inspection - Tarentum - April 7
Residential Structure Fire - RIT - Harrison - April 9
After what felt like forever, 281 Rescue, 281 Squad and
281 Fireboat got their PA DOH inspections and subsequent
QRS re-certifications.
Assisting Department of Public Works - Tarentum - April 16
281 Fireboat in for some repairs - Tarentum - April 17
281 Fireboat getting some work done before the 2015 season. Specifically in this installment, we received a grant to replace the 20 year old Koden Radar and Lowrance depth units with a SIMRAD NSS12 multifunction unit that will enhance our response, navigation and search capabilities dramatically.
Gilligan even
stopped by..
Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - April 26
Training - Tarentum - April 28
Another successful round of vehicle rescue training.
Training - Tarentum - April 29
Today's training included the engine, boom ops and top stored shoring.
Commercial Structure - RIT Assignment - Vandergrift - April 30
Motor Vehicle Crash - Frazer - April 30
Murrysville Medic One - Training/Search - Tarentum - May 2
It's that time of year again. We invited Murrysville Medic One to play "Guess where the piling is". Thanks for coming out folks.
Ember's moving up in the world. The President's chair... - May 4
Brush Fire - Fawn - May 11
Station maintenance and 281 Fireboat Progress - Tarentum - May 12
Doing some station
maintenance, the
floor felt "spongy".
Found this hole
where the hose
tower used to be.
Chad told me to be
sure and get this one. Prove that he works! 
Howie and Dave working on a game plan for the aft light bar.
Radar dome and control pane in place.
Port, starboard and for and aft LEDs in place.
Making progress!
Just some general pics that I am late posting - Tarentum - May
OK. Let's play catch up. The park is looking good with the new lamp posts. Now just to get the grass growing.
Boathouse and lighthouse looking good.
New piling going in and subsequently done.
Some landscaping around the EMS/Rescue station.
Lastly, just playing around with the sunlight and shadows coming through the front door.
Vessel in distress - Tarentum - May 27
She can now add CPR mannequin to her resume.
Sgt. Ember helping with a CPR class - Tarentum - May 29
Called by Tarentum Police to assist with a partially sunken vessel.
Howie getting the training mannequin dressed for duty Tarentum - June 1
A special THANK YOU to the donors who made the purchase of this training mannequin possible!
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - June 2
Rivers Casino - Pittsburgh - June 3
It was a nice Wednesday evening along the Ohio for the 5th Annual Amen Corner / Pittsburgh FOOLS Awards Reception.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

Especially our own Lt. Zeigler,  EMS/Rescue Captain Clark and Deputy Chief James on the MacGyver Creative Thinking award.
281 Rescue Squad responded with East Deer Station 134, Ambulance 126 and A-K PULSAR for a physical rescue call on August 29, 2014, where a young girl was reported struck in a tree. Turns out, the tree had 3 trunks, her legs were wedged between them and her body was in a horizontal position about 6-8' off of the ground. Using equipment from 281 Rescue, a platform was built to work from and help support the patient. Hydraulic spreaders were used to displace 2 of the trunks and dislodge her legs. After about 20 minutes from the time crews arrived on scene, the young lady was safely extricated from the tree.
Shift level training - Tarentum - June 7
Winch safety and operations.
"Dock Day" part 2 - Tarentum - June 11
Smoke in a structure - Tarentum - June 13
Allegheny River - Tarentum - June 16
The Allegheny is looking like a miniature "Muddy Mississippi".

The beach is submerged.

At the marina, the pier is OK. The public dock is knuckled up about 4;.
Station 281 - Tarentum - June 17
This wasn't cleared through me!
Broken flagpole halyard. 280 truck came down to assist with a temporary fix.
Station 281 - Tarentum - June 17
Lt. Zeigler and Engineer McGrath were busy today getting Man E Quinn ready for the summer.
281 Boat Docks - Tarentum - July 1
Single screen, radar and structure scan.
Split screen, radar and structure scan.
Tri-screen, radar, structure scan and charting.
Quick check of new LED lights. 281 Fireboat is in the water!
Station 281 - Tarentum - July 2
Shift level training on 2 new Junkyard Dog rescue struts for Medic 288.
Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - July 3
Fireworks - Tarentum - July 3
Some fireworks pictures.
Taken from 281 Fireboat.
Motor Vehicle Crash - Frazer - July 4
An Independence Day reveler took the ATV over a hillside.
Probably not intended or expected though.
Protocol Review - Tarentum - July 7
Dr. Taylor came down for a protocol review. We snacked on some watermelon and Lieutenant Heckman was on kitchen duty.
Allegheny River - Tarentum - July 9
281 Fireboat on the water for more SIMRAD training.
Trailer / Straw fire - Tarentum - July 14
Waiting for it - Tarentum - July 31
Ember getting in a nap before "it" happens.
"Tool Time" with Jim Majewski - Tarentum - August 2
The old chest freeze went kaput. This provided Jimmy with the chance to practice with some hand tools.
Residential Structure Fire - RIT Assignment - Springdale - August 3
SCBA Training (280, 281, 282) - Tarentum - August 3
Physical Rescue - Tarentum - August 5
I'm just gonna lay right here. No one will notice and they have to take me next time!
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - August 13
Motor Vehicle Crash - Frazer - August 15
Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - August 18
Fawn Township and Tarentum - August 20
Tarentum - August 25/26
Ramsey crawls in for the nice comfy coat. Ember is like, WTH?
Squad assist on 2nd Avenue.

Cardiac monitor maintenance day.
Tarentum - August 28
I'm a little behind on my update.
But on Friday, the crew helped to celebrate the 10th birthdays of both Sgt. Ember and Business Manager McKruit.

Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - September 4
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - September 6
Assist EMS - Fawn - September 9
Dispatched to an explosion, residential structure fire. Turned out to be an aerosol can that exploded in an outdoor fire. 281 Engine was ALS and assisted EMS with patient care.
Miscellaneous - September
Lt. Clark/Capt. Clark, ACES Team 489 drill. 09/13/15 Mon River. (Photo ACES)
Going back in the water after some cleaning and maintenance.
Helping our neighbors, repair of an O2 cylinder cart.
Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - September 18
Assist EMS/LZ @ Fawn #1 (150) - Fawn - September 18
Medic 288 responded to an industrial accident in Fawn.
Some personnel went to assist along with Fawn #1 (Station 150) at the Fawn #1 Rec Hall.
Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - September 18
Murrysville Medic One Dive Team - Tarentum - September 20
Oops. Something fell from the dock.Thanks guys!
Life Flight LZ class - Tarentum - September 22
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - September 26
Tarentum FOE - Aerie 699 - Food Drive & Safety Fair - Tarentum - October 3
2015 Fire Prevention Week - Tarentum - October 4-10
Some students from
Highlands Middle School
stopped for a station tour.
Finishing up a
helicopter safety
class with Life Flight 5.
2015 Fire Prevention Week - Tarentum - October 4-10
2015 Fire Prevention Week - Tarentum - October 4-10
Structural Burn Training - Allegheny County Fire Academy - October 10/11
Region 13 Water Drill - Cedar Creek State Park - October 17
We will call this one before, maybe during.
And after.
Engine Company Training / Vehicle Rescue Training - Tarentum - October 18 & 19
IT'S HERE! The Falcon forcible entry simulator - Tarentum - October 19
THANK YOU to all the donors who made this possible.
Vehicle Rescue Training - Tarentum - October 20
Fire Prevention at Grandview Upper Elementary - Tarentum - October 21
Tarentum - October 22
And then during some down time, we entered the Tarentum Borough Scarecrow contest.
Elevator emergency in the morning...
Allegheny River - Tarentum - October 27
Capt. Clark went fishing and caught a dock!

It was also a nice day to take out some more dock sections and practice knot tying.
Allegheny River - Tarentum - November 5
Another beautiful day. Yes, it's November!

Let's finish taking the docks out.
Tarentum - November 11
Rodger preparing the Mercury for the evolution.
Stabilization training with the "Junk Yard Dogs" from Medic 288.
Basic Rigging (day 1) - Tarentum - November 14
Annual Pump Testing - Tarentum - November 17
Station 281 - Tarentum - November 29
Cold weather projects begin.

11/30, all done but some trim work.
Motor Vehicle Crash - Tarentum - December 3
Station 281 - Tarentum - December 4
Santa Claus came a little early to the Big E. A little tweaking and this is the new 281 Utility.
Station 281 - Tarentum - December 7 & 10
A cleaning of the bunk room and new carpet.
Squrt Training - Tarentum - December 13
Who'd thought that December 13th would be so nice?
Station 281 - Tarentum - December 16
It's beginning to look a little like
10 days before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even Ember.
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - December 16
Station 281 - Tarentum - December 17
Clean carpet and some new furniture. THANKS AGAIN SANTA CLAUS!
Motor Vehicle Crash - Fawn - December 17
Election Meeting and Dinner - Tarentum - December 18
Motor Vehicle Crash - Frazer - December 18
Station 281 - Tarentum - December 22
So, with the new furniture, Ember and Ramsey lost their love seat.

Not to worry, we have the technology!
Station 281 - Tarentum - December 22
Merry Christmas, Sgt. Ember and Cadet Ramsey
Motor Vehicle Crash - Frazer - December 28
Introducing the new Medic 289 - Tarentum - December 29
Introducing the new Medic 289 - Tarentum - December 29
As she gets settled in on her new "Eurekabuilt" love seat. Sgt. Ember wishes everyone a safe and Happy New Year!