Talk about it being a dog's life. Well, here's a variety of pictures from our website over the years (condensed) to start.
More to come...

Kids (and parents), click on the picture of Sparky (above) for more fun and safety ideas.
Dogs Gone Bed!
Welcome Ramsey!
Let's go shopping.
2 dog nap.
Ember, Ramsey and their Deputy.
I see noms...
Just... A... little bit... more... reach...
Someone left me some cruutons. 
The Sergeant and the Cadet.
This is the way they help with the linen changes.
I know. I'm cute.
Here, let me help.
We're watch dogs..
Mmmmmm... popsicles...
12/12/13 - Happy 2nd Birthday!...
Christmas 2014
Ramsey called shotgun with Lt. Clark.
Ready to get their party on!
Another gift successfully opened.
Let's try out this new blanket...
Christmas 2015
02/09/16 - It's a little chilly and very lazy kind of day.
Ramsey runs on Dunkin!
Ramsey the lap dog.
YAY, bath time. Oh the look of pure joy!!!
Apparently 0200 was play time.
Ramsey and Ember getting into the Christmas spirit.
Hmmm... Now where did all of those things from Bark Box go?
After a long, hard day of decorating. A nap before the party.
What cold weather?