Sergeant Ember
Talk about it being a dog's life. Well, here's a variety of pictures from our website over the years (condensed) to start.
More to come...

Kids (and parents), click on the picture of Sparky (above) for more fun and safety ideas.
RIT dog.
Plenty of interior room.
Do I have to get off?
Nice front bumper size.
Making sure all is well on the boat.
Flight dog training.
Looks like a party.
What are you looking at?..
What was that?
It's... a... little... tight.
Go ahead Larry, I won't look.
Smile (again).
I make this look good!
They work me way too hard around here!
I'm an airpak retreiver..
Bomb dog training.
Ember's house sustained structural damage.
Phase 1 remodel.
Ground ladder training.
Rescue Chauffer.
Engine Officer.
A lazy Sunday afternoon. Waiting to go!
As if I don't do enough already.
I have to work the office to.
Hey! I don't see any water...
Tim, it needs more ice.
Next time, they won't leave without me!
The latest in Fire "dog" Engineering.
Dress uniform. 9/11 memorial. Never Forget!
Another shift in the office.
Checking out the specs on a new ambulance.
Ember Teo Construction Company.
The 5 Hour Energy girls love me!
EFR 2011 banquet.
Ben being creative.
Finished product. Don't let the Christmas tree fool you.
The guy who admins this website is just that slow!
Christmas 2011.
Vertical Rescue Training. Here I come!
"Squad Dog" had a hard day.
Learning about tire repair.
Dogs Gone Bed!
"Vogue" with the new grill cover.
Post conference.
A lazy May afternoon.
Rescue response.
Happy Dog.
Parade detail with the Deputy.
2 dog nap.
11/07/12 watch.
Ember, Ramsey and their Deputy.
Office work.
The Sergeant and the Cadet.
This is the way they help with linen changes.
Computers. I got your back!
I got this one. You get him!
I always feel like, somebody's watching me...
I'd like 1 hot dog plain and an order of nachos.
Mmmmmm... popsicles!
Just helping with a CPR class.
June 24, 2015. I'm told Ember had a busy day!
I'm just gonna lay right here. No one will notice and they have to take me next time!
Ember had to inspect and approve the new ramps for Medic 288.

Then she decided, hey, look, shade!
08/28/15 - HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY EMBER!
Ember missed her Deputy.
Ember and Ramsey just chillin...
Ready to get their party on!
Christmas 2015
Ember getting ready on New Year's Eve from her custom Eurekabuilt bed.
02/09/16 - It's a little chilly and very lazy kind of day.
Over the past couple weeks, Ember was re-furbed. She's now back in the seat!
Sgt. Ember gets her close up.
Apparently 0200 was play time...
Ember reminding Rodget who's in charge!
Fall projects around the Fire and EMS stations. Ember supervising.
First cold/snowy night of 2016. Ember found snuggles to keep warm.
Ramsey and Ember getting into the Christmas spirit.
No, the stuff inside the Bark Box is for Ember and Ramsey.
Decorating if RUFF. We need a nap before the party!
Thanks Santa Paws...
Sgt. Ember Teo of Akerue - Last Call - 12/20/16