021617, I can see into the future.
I see me riding "the seat".
In a nice fire engine.
WELCOME HOME - Ashes Teo of Akerue.
Reporting for duty, Deputy.
OK Lt. I reported, now put me down.
I have to inspect the house.
I see people coming to pick me up.
Maybe not into this height thing yet.
Training with the Deputy. Remember to crawl on the floor.
Stay out of the heat and smoke!
OK, that's enough training. I need to rehab!
I suggested to the Chief that we need some time to reflect on the day.
I got him wrapped around my paw...
I'm ready. Let's go!
Rescue puppy checking her caribiner.
SCBA training.
Chad, what channel is Disney?
You've got to pull harder than that if you want to be a Rescue Dog.
The night shift.
We have a Beach House!
This must be where Green Frog works.
Equipment checks.
YIPPEE! My first Engine response!!!!!
Just 10 more minutes, PLEASE!
OK, officially back at it.
Event Vehicle maintenance with the Deputy.
A K-9's work is never done. Supervising more Christmas light placement...
Today, Captain Susan showed me about Medic cleaning while Corporal Ramsey supervised.
Oh boy, oh boy, a new mattress for me!!!
07.18.18, took Captain Susan to the Tarentum Farm Market today.
Got to see and talk to my brother Jasper. 
Chauffeur training.
Barking orders while assisting Public Works.
Ashes gathering her gang for a day trip.

Apologies, I've been slipping with the Ashes updates.
Most new pics are on our Facebook page.
Harrison Township Christmas parade. 12/07/19
Can we help you?
Decoratin' time.
Just another day on the Lower East side.