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Community Ambulance Service Incorporated
Is this your year to become a volunteer?

     According to a 2012 report by the National Volunteer Fire Council, 69% of the firefighters in the United States are volunteer. Since 1984, the number of volunteer firefighters has declined by 13% while call volumes have increased by 25%. Some of you may have seen this information on our support page. Bottom line;

Your volunteer fire department can use your help!

     Eureka is proud to be a part of that 69% and is always looking for a few good volunteers as well. We are unique because we are what is called "combination house". That means we have both volunteers and employees who work side by side to serve the communities of the Alle-Kiski Valley and beyond.

     As most departments, we provide, fire safety education, prevention and suppression. As some departments, we provide vehicle, physical, technical and water rescue. As a few departments, we provide both basic and advanced life support medical care.

     As a volunteer, the most obvious thing that we can do, is to help you obtain training and experience that will benefit you, your family and community in times of need. You will have the chance to meet new people, make new friends and have some good times. Being a volunteer, you will be eligible for college tuition assistance through the CCAC FireVest Scholarship program. Some people have even used their volunteer experience to go on to careers in the fire or medical service field.

     Because we do so many things, we do ask a little more from our people than some other places might. Please don't let that scare you, because it is also understood that in today's society and economy, your time is important to you. Please contact us to see how we might be able to combine you and your family into ours.

     As an employer, we can offer a modular schedule, competitive wages, assistance with healthcare benefits, uniforms and continuing education. We respond to roughly 2,600 calls each year. Busier than some, but not too busy. We have two lounge areas, sleeping and shower facilities. A fully equipped kitchen and exercise area.

     Because we are geographically located about 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh along Route 28. That means that we can also offer a variety of settings; rural/wooded, suburban, private, commercial and industrial in which to get experience. And don't forget the many streams, creeks, ponds and the Allegheny river.

     Of the many pictures that we have on this site, I have picked a few below to browse at your leisure to see what it's all about.

Thank you.
Firehouse (724) 224-3473
EMS Office (724) 224-1499
Fax (724) 224-9199
Toll Free (800) 887-6083
*****Eureka reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications*****
Not an annual occurrence, but
a banquet aboard the one of the
Gateway Clipper Fleet vessels.
A technical rescue (rope) on
the W. 7th Bridge.
A demonstration for the community and practice for our personnel. Using a hydraulic tool to cut the roof of a vehicle.
Hose lines stretched for both interior and exterior attack at a house fire.
Night time operations.
Water rescue training.
AKA "playing in the Allegheny".
Fighting fire from a ladder with SCBA.
(Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)
281 Fireboat on the Allegheny.
EMS and rescue personnel extricating
a patient from a motor vehicle crash.
Returning to the engine, after extinguishing a fire.
Rope rescue class.
Practicing with a patient in a stokes basket and aerial device from a high angle.
Pump and Squrt training.
Some of our water rescue equipment
on display for the community.
Celebrating 125 years of service.