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A lot of the information I got on the history was taken from the 74th Annual Western Pennsylvania Firemen's Association Convention Handbook published for the August 6 -12 festivities in 1967. Thanks Larry Johnson.

February 16, 1910 saw the establishment of the Tarentum Firemen's Relief Association for the purpose of protecting Tarentum firefighters with funds provided from the Foreign Fire Insurance Company.

In 1917, Eureka researched trucks of other departments and raised $3000.00 towards a Brockway truck. As of the above mentioned publication & dates, Eureka progressed to a membership of 45 people and a "heavy duty" Seagrave pumper along with a squad car and 2 Cadillac ambulances.

At a 1929 meeting of Highland, Eureka & Summit Hose Companies saw the birth of the Tarentum Fire Department.
William Pilston, Vice President / Engineer

Kenneth J. Larkin, President / Ambulance Engineer

Edward Campbell, Secretary.

Richard Scholl Fire Chief.

Larry Johnson Asst. Secretary.

Don Garrett, Executive Board.

Raymond Bouch, Trustee.

Joseph Strellec, Financial Secretary.

Missing: Lynn Alter, Treasurer.
Thomas Seagriff, Line Captain.

William T. Larkin, Assistant Chief

 Raymond Bouch, 1st Lieutenant

Richard Scholl, Chief.
Below are some pictures from the above mentioned handbook (digitally re-mastered, yeah right) for your viewing pleasure. Remember, this was published in 1967, not sure of the exact date of the pictures.
The 74th
Western Pennsylvania
Firemen's Convention

Eureka History Continued
Ken Larkin

Charles Blackburn

Ray Bouch